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AGRIA company was founded in 2004 and has been driving forward the development, production and distribution of high quality pork meat. The company is family owned with its roots in the central part of North Macedonia where the head office is located along with the slaughter house. AGRIA has a distribution network spread across the whole country and is present in almost all major cities In North Macedonia. The company itself has many years of expertise in producing and developing pork meat with the highest perfected quality using Danish genetics . Although the company is known for the production of pork meat in general AGRIA has proven themselves that they are high quality producers of animal feed from its own feed factory which is located in the Northern part of North Macedonia. The company within its scope of operation also owns a beef cattle farm which produces a moderate amount of high end beef meat. AGRIA constantly strives to perfect its production and is always implementing the highest safety measures to ensure that the final product will satisfy the highest demands of its customers.

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